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Early Bird Truth Seekers


This group meets on Monday mornings from 6:30 - 7:45 a.m. at The Original Pancake House (782 East Broadway). You are welcome to attend. Coordinators are Phyllis Warner (345-5017) and Wanda Henson (688-1483).

Mission Statement:
Early Bird Truth Seekers (EBTS) draws together people in the congregation who, out of their commitment to Christ, seek to become:

  • more biblically informed, so they better understand the revelation of God;

  • more globally aware so they know themselves better connected with all of God's world;

  • more relationally sensitive to God, themselves and others.



  1. As a small group of learners, we gather around God's world to discern its meaning for today.

  2. The words, stories and admonitions we find in scripture come alive for today, challenging and renewing us.

  3. All people are learners and all are leaders.

  4. Each person will contribute to the study, sharing the meaning found in the scripture and helping to bring meaning to others.

  5. We recognize each other's vulnerability as we share out of our own experience, and in sharing we learn to trust others and to be trustworthy.


Rules for Groups:

  • Each group is co-facilitated.
  • Each group is encouraged to include time for checking-in, focused learning and support/prayer.
  • Each group is open (unless pre-designated).
  • Each group is committed to the "open-air" concept of outreach/mission
  • Each group creates a new group when sufficient growth has occurred and a facilitator(s) is ready.
  • Study materials used in the group meetings are approved in advance by Director of Christian Education and/or CE Committee.
  • Each group writes its own Covenant at the beginning of the group.


6:30 a.m. Monday Covenant:
The members of the Monday, 6:30 a.m. group commit to:

  • contact absentees during the week to let them know we missed their presence;
  • advise the group in advance of planned absences;
  • advise the group if no longer able to attend;
  • maintain total confidentiality regarding information shared by members;
  • allow members to talk about things without their having to share more information than comfortable at the time;
  • allow members to not share (one can pass);
  • honor and respect one another's views;
  • prepare for meetings by reading scripture and materials and spending time in prayer.



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