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Shawl Ministry


Knitting can help and heal those in times of tragedy and grief.  The Shawl Ministry is an inspiring movement of people who gather to pray and knit for those in need.  The ministry's sole purpose is to give away the shawls they create -- shawls they hope will literally wrap recipients in prayer.

Our Hands Are God's Hands
Regardless of religious faith, knitting for others allows members of the Shawl Ministry to shield their minds to daily stresses and open their hearts to the pain of others.  Creating prayer shawls for neighbors, known or unknown, spreads their good thoughts to people across all races, religions or nationalities.  These shawls are among the most personal gifts, because each stitch is knit or purled with a prayer for the recipient.  They are tangible expressions of the knitters' prayers.


By the time a shawl is completed, it is filled with prayers for the specific individual in need, providing not only physical warmth but also great spiritual comfort and an understanding of another's struggles or grief.  A prayer shawl is worth thousands of words.


Help They Neighbor, Help Thy Self
Knitting a prayer shawl helps and comforts not only the recipient, but the knitter, as well.  Spirituality is built through prayer and reflection, and the creative process is steeped in both.  The repetitive nature of knitting, the click of the needles and the attention to detail combine to create a meditative state.  During these times, knitters realize they they are helping themselves, as well as others, putting the knitter at peace with her or his own life.



Our Shawl Ministry meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. (in either the church Library or History Room)  All are welcome to participate.  Contact Eliza Drummond for more information (914-2614).


Click here to read a recent profile of Eliza Drummond and the Shawl Ministry that appeared in the January 5th, 2005 Register Guard.


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