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2007 Visioning Process -- Future Story

First Christian Church is working on a visioning process in 2007-2008 to guide the future of the church.  The church has hired Richard (Dick) Hamm from The Columbia Partnership to lead us through this effort.  

The third step in our visioning process is to write a Future Story of the church. 

You can now click here to read the Future Story as presented on February 3, 2008, to the congregation.

We'd also like to hear your feedback on the Future Story -- what do you like best about the story?  Do you have any concerns?  Is there anything else you would like to share with the Visioning Committee?  If so, please click here to send us an E-mail.


The Visioning Committee is worked through the following steps to develop this story:

  • Collect, collate, review, and summarize all input from all prayer triad groups (done as of 10/30/07).

  • Meet with Dick Hamm to review the process of writing our Future Story (done as of 10/30/07).

  • Form writing teams to focus on a specific model of our future church -- three teams have been formed as of 10/30/07.

  • Each team will write a future story (reflecting on prayer triad input throughout the process).

  • Full committee will review stories on Nov 18th.

  • A new writing team will be assigned to write a combined/final future story (again, reflecting on prayer triad input throughout).

  • Sometime during Advent Season, the final future story will be completed, and we will then work on presenting the story to the congregation in the form of a skit or movie.

  • Presentation of the future story to the congregation, once complete.  We're tentatively targeting late December or early January for this presentation.


What is a Future Story?

Dick Hamm invites us to think of the church 7 years in the future.  Writing from that vantage point, he asks that we record the events and accomplishments that would have had to happen to achieve our vision of the church 7 years from today.  Keeping the input from our prayer triads in mind, we will work to discern the will of God for our church, and record that vision in the form of a story.

Click here to read the Future Story as presented to the congregation on February 3, 2008.


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