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An Advent Prayer
December, 2005


Time is short O Lord, Christmas is almost here.
We are almost ready,
but not quite.
There are still things left to be done,
things we intended to do to prepare for the birth of your Son but
have not quite found the time.
People we wanted to visit,
letters we wanted to write.
We would have liked to spent more time collecting gifts for the homeless,
but there wasn't time.
We wanted to give more for the needy but there wasn't enough money.
We would have taken in a guest but
there wasn't room.
And now we are running out of time,

and so is Mary.

For those on the street in the cold of winter,
those suffering from terminal illness,
the victims of war and oppression,
time is even shorter.
For those alone, depressed and hurting,
it is too long.
Will you come to us Lord, even when we are not ready?
Will you save us from our sins,
free us from our greed,
heal us of our wounds,
relieve us of our pain?
or at least share it so we are not alone?
Will you come, Lord, this Christmas,
in our incompleteness and imperfections?

Lift us in our low estates we pray
and restore us with your glorious presence.

Daniel E. H. Bryant
First Christian Church
Eugene, Oregon


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Photo by Paul Carter, The Register Guard, used by permission.