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Dan Bryant in Israel
March, 2008


Pastor Dan Bryant traveled to Israel in February/March 2008, as part of a group of church leaders working toward peace and understanding in the Holy Land.

This page contains some pictures from his trip.

To see a full gallery of all of Dan's pictures, please click here.


Today we visited a settlement just inside the West Bank.  The soldier below is explaining the security fence.


You can see the Muslim town in the background on the other side of the barrier.  

This was as close as we were allowed to get to the wall.  Only 3% of the barrier is actually a wall, the rest is chain link fence.  Oddly we were only take to a wall portion.


You can see Tel Aviv through the haze below.  Keep in mind that Tel Aviv is on the coast and I am standing in the West Bank.  That gives you an idea for how narrow Israel is at this point (under 12 miles).


From this lookout Ariel Sharon announced plans to build the security fence.  The settlement was started in the early 80s.  It is one of the larger settlements and surrounds the hill where we are standing.



We were told that the wall exists only in places of strategic importance and where suicide bombers have been known to cross.

On to Nazareth.

Dan (Dated March 2nd, 2008)


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Photo of Dan Bryant by Paul Carter, The Register Guard, used by permission.