Classes will resume in Fall 2021

First Christian Church, Eugene is entering its phased reopening plans in Summer 2021. We look forward to seeing you in worship on Sundays.

Youth Classes Postponed

 We have opportunities for education and play for your children from newborn to 12th graders.

Below is a description of our nursery and our regular youth classes that are offered in the fall, winter, and spring. 


Nursery: Newborns through 5 years old

Resumes Fall 2021

Nursery is not available in our first phase of reopening. We ask that families with children remain together in the sanctuary during worship.
Parents in need of a quieter space may use the nursery on Sunday mornings but please stay with your child. Thank you for your understanding.   

Following Jesus:  Children Pre-K through 5th Grade, Room 352

Resumes Fall 2021

Our Children’s Ministry brings children aged 4 through 5th grade together this year. Children will hear and experience weekly stories of the New Testament, and respond with wonder, spirituality, and creativity. Following Jesus is a curriculum based on the Children Worship and Wonder model, but brings a deeper focus to Jesus’ life and teachings.

We foster spirituality and a sense of the sacred in a safe and caring space.

Children Worship & Wonder curriculum is designed to help children experience worship apart from the congregation so they become able to worship meaningfully with the congregation. The process is designed to quiet and slow down the pace so that children can experience the presence of God with a sense of awe, mystery, imagination and wonder.

The Worship & Wonder teaching process is based on Montessori principles and utilizes the oral tradition of storytelling, using carved wooden figures.  In the two Children’s Worship Centers, the children have the opportunity to respond to the story through hands on work with the wooden figures or with creative activities such as painting, drawing, sculpting with play dough, collage making and so forth. The children then return to a circle where they have a “feast” (an introduction to communion) and close with prayer and a blessing for each child.

The W.A.Y.(We Am Youth):  Room 310

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Middle School and High School Youth; Led by Pastor April and other youth group volunteers. We meet to share friendship, faith, and our ideas of God.