From Amy Metzger, President of FCC Board of Directors

Hello FCC church family and friends,

It’s been a whirlwind week at FCC! Your church leaders have been hopping around even more than we usually do in spring. We’ve had the added task of trying to figure out how to recreate just about everything we do to keep in line with the ever-changing COVID-19 mandates and developments.

I want to give you a few quick updates today for the week:

COVID-19 Response – This has taken the lion’s share of time and effort this past week. We had to hit the ground running and things were changing by the hour at times. Several times we thought we had made adequate adjustments and then the bar would be lowered and we would have to rethink, readjust, and recreate. This has been stressful! But I’m so thankful that we have such a fantastic team and everyone has been pitching in and taking a portion. We are working on a new system that will help streamline this new facet of church operations and you will know more about that soon.

The Transition Team is on track and on schedule. Important work has continued and carries on. The team has unanimously selected their top candidate and will be making a recommendation to the board at a special board meeting this Sunday, March 22nd. The meeting will be conducted for the first time via Zoom (an online meeting application). This will be a closed meeting. There are a few more steps yet before we can announce your future Interim Minister. Please note that only the board will vote on the calling of the Interim Minister. When we are ready to call a settled minister, the church members will also vote.

The online worship service last week was very well done and enjoyed by about 50 people, an all-time high! There were a few technical challenges we discovered buy efforts have been underway to smooth those out. We hope you’ll join us again this Sunday at 10:30 am on our YouTube channel. We know that watching online isn’t the same as interacting in person. While we have to be separated from one another, we are considering new ways to be in fellowship and community. Please also remember that even though you don’t see us all in person every week, and we aren’t passing the offering tray, we still have a building to maintain and staff to pay. Please continue your giving as you are able by mailing a check, or using one of our automated methods of payment.

The church office remains closed to the public but work is still being done, just from various cozy living rooms around town. We are doing new creative work while also balancing having children home and having to figure out how to get the things we need for our families. I bet many of you can understand what I’m talking about. Life feels strange right now. We appreciate your patience.

Committee work has continued via online Zoom meetings. Committee reports are coming in now and I look forward to updating you all on that good work next week. Some quick highlights:

  • Community Ministries has been hard at work and is meeting weekly now to address changes necessitated by our newly acquired restrictions. Our Community Ministries that we value and which are central to our social justice beliefs have had to be closed for a few weeks while we figure out how to meet needs in a safer way during the novel coronavirus pandemic. That may mean we change how we do things so that we can balance our important ministry work with efforts to slow the transmission of COVID-19. This great team is working together to create solutions.
  • Elders will not be making in-person visits, but they will be connecting with people by phone.
  • Property has received the long-awaited engineering report and is working through the information. There will be more information about that soon.

Changes around Dan’s exit: My heart has been heavy with a few things since social distancing methods have been put into place, among them are Dan’s last weeks with us, his last sermon on Easter, and his party. It feels like loss upon loss. We want to honor Dan’s many years of service properly: together. So, there will be a party, we just aren’t able to have it on April 5th. Rest assured that we have not forgotten this important event and we will keep you posted as we are able to start planning again. We are grateful that there is a way for Dan to deliver his last sermons as our co-pastor, even if it’s not our preferred way. His last Sunday was to be Easter, a unified service, which is normally a grand event for us all. We won’t be able to gather in person and fill the pews in our bonnets and pastel-colored suits on Easter Sunday, but we will do the best we can to still create a celebration of this important faith day. We hope you’ll join us online.

Let us continue to pray for each other and reach out to our church friends in a phone call or card. We are now and always a community and God will provide ways, even in a pandemic, for us to be the hands and feet of Christ in this world.

May the Lord bless you and keep you all,

Amy Metzger