Friday, March 21, 2020

Greetings from your Transition Committee,

After considering the Committee’s recommendation, your Board of Directors voted unanimously on March 22, 2020 to call the Rev. Jerri Handy to be our interim co-pastor. She has joyfully accepted the call. She will begin her ministry later this spring. We are trying to maintain our original timeline despite the upheaval we have all experienced these past few weeks. She will be here at First Christian until the congregation has worked through the interim process and arranged for our future ongoing staffing. 

You’ll have opportunities soon to learn more about Rev. Handy. And as soon as we can work out the logistics, she will be here with us. We look forward to updating you on this process. 

We continue to seek ways to honor Dan’s (and Judy’s) ministry in these changing times. Stay tuned for ways you can be part of this.

Your Transition Committee

Posted March 21, 2020

Time marches on. April 12 marks the 30th Easter Sunday that our Pastor Dan has preached. What a marvelous journey it has been! But now we are moving through a transition—a time of some change. Change of a pastor is not easy, especially when one has been so impactful. But time catches up with us, and we find ourselves saying “GOODBYE” to Dan and this chapter, and “HELLO” to a new one. Still, the church goes on. The ministry continues. We grieve! We question! But we don’t falter. We are all in this together. 

We are saying goodbye to Dan’s presence and leadership and at the same time we are preparing for “what’s next.” Between now and our permanent pastoral staffing, April and our interim pastor will be our pastoral team. And all of us will participate in keeping our life going and discerning the near future. WE ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD IN THE HEART OF EUGENE.

On Sunday, March 22 the Transition team will update the Board of Directors and will revise a transition timeline in light of new COVID-19 developments. Plans are being adjusted for celebration events and the transition timeline may be adjusted. More information to come next week.

~Blessings from Dick Lauer and the Transition Team.