Weddings and Receptions at First Christian Church 

We are happy and honored to offer you the use of our historic building for your wedding. The Christian wedding is a unique ceremony. The rite places marriage in a context that is different from that of a civil ceremony or a social event. The couple exchanges vows as an act of worship to God in the presence of a congregation in a church. While it is an intensely personal event in the lives of the couple, it is more than a private celebration. It is a service in which the Church witnesses and blesses the joining together of a couple in a solemn and public covenant.

There are two locations within the church where you can hold your wedding ceremony. The Sanctuary has a maximum capacity of 450 people; 225 in the main level and 225 in the balcony. Alternatively, if you prefer a smaller, cozier atmosphere, Grace Chapel is also available. The chapel seats up to 75 people. We provide candelabras, aisle abras and floral stands. Photographers love taking pictures at our majestic Church. With domes, pillars, and stained glass windows, there are many different artistic and elegant options for backgrounds and settings.

Reception space is also available.

Reasons to celebrate your wedding at First Christian Church

Bell Chimes: We are always happy to ring the bell tower chimes after you are married.

Convenient Location: We can host your wedding and reception, and are also close to other downtown reception facilities. There is an abundance of parking available at the Church.  Also, the Overpark facility is a block away and is free on weekends.

Membership Not Required: First Christian Church does not require that you are members of our church.

Minister Available: Co Pastors Rev. Jerri Handy and Rev. April Oristano, as well as other ordained ministers of FCC are available to perform your wedding.  Ordained and licensed ministers from other churches may perform the wedding service.

Music Selection: Our organist is available to assist in the selection of your wedding music.  We also have a grand piano in the Sanctuary, should you prefer piano music.

Pre-marital counseling: Our pastoral staff recommends all couples participate in pre-marital counseling before they wed. We have several pastors who are available for counseling. Please call the church office for more information.

Stress Free: Our wedding hostess (Jennifer Harris) will help you plan your wedding and is the church’s representative the day of your wedding.

For more information about having your wedding at First Christian and pricing, please contact the church office at (541) 344-1425.

Banner image courtesy of Bruce Berg Photography.