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What’s New in the FCCE Library

The library has several new books.  All of these titles are on the New Book Shelf.  Stop in and take a look!

Everyday justice: the global impact of our daily choices, by Julie Clawson. (241.622 C617ev)

7 simple steps to green your church, by Rebekah Simon-Peter. (261.88 S596se)

Green church: reduce, reuse, recycle, by Rebekah Simon-Peter. (261.88 S596gr)

Claiming earth as common ground: the ecological crisis through the lens of faith, by Andrea Cohen-Kiener. (261.88 C678cl)

Leviticus: you have no idea, by Maurice D. Harris (222.13 H315le)

 Amazon Wish List

The FCC Library has a new Amazon wish list, to help us add some newer materials.  Go to and click on Wish List in the upper right corner. Select Find a Wish List or Registry and enter FCC Eugene in the search box. If you purchase a book from the list it will be shipped directly to the church. Suggestions for the list are also welcome.


Library Policy: Guidelines for Donating Books

The First Christian Church Library collects materials that will foster learning, encourage intellectual inquiry, and guide personal spiritual growth. Below are some guidelines for what kind of donations we accept: 

General Guidelines:

To assure that our collection remains relevant and useful, books given to the FCC Library should be:

  • On subjects that support our mission
  • Of good quality (this is admittedly subjective, but includes such considerations as the qualifications of the author, whether the book is well written and carefully researched, reviews and recommendations from reliable sources, etc.)
  • In good physical condition – no loose pages or bindings, brittle paper, underlining, highlighting or marginal notes, dirty and worn or torn covers, or signs of mold or mildew
  • Current – published in the year 2000 or later, if possible.  Most books donated to the library are older titles.  Of course many of these have value for readers.  However, people are usually interested in current perspectives on most topics, and we would like to move toward a better mix of old and new works.
  • In formats that the Library collects – i.e. no magazines, encyclopedias, video or audiocassettes.
  • New to the collection – due to space considerations and limited resources, the Library will not typically add duplicate copies of titles already in the collection.  (An exception to this will be a collection of multiple copies of titles used by small groups.  These will be kept for use by other groups in the future.)

Donated books that are not added to the collection will be sold, donated to other organizations, or recycled, as deemed appropriate by Library workers.

Examples of subjects that are compatible with our goals (including, but not limited to):

  • Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) – history, beliefs, biographies of leaders
  • First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Eugene – history, works by members of the congregation
  • Bible study and interpretation – dictionaries, handbooks, concordances, commentaries, archaeology, study guides
  • Theology – systematic studies of religious teachings, practices, and influence
  •  Christian living – assistance for Christians who wish to live a faithful life, including devotional and prayer books
  • Spirituality and spiritual development
  • Leadership and faith
  • Classic works of the Christian faith
  • Accounts of other faith traditions throughout the world
  • Missions – both general discussions and personal narratives, especially from our denomination
  • Ethics and philosophy, particularly in relationship to religious thought
  • Christian perspectives on human sexuality
  • Christian perspectives on marriage, family, parenting
  • Christian perspectives on LGBT issues, race, poverty, and other current social justice questions
  • Environment and care for the planet, especially with a Christian perspective
  • Stewardship
  • Aging – the role of religion and the church as we grow older
  • Religion and the arts
  • Fiction and belles lettres (poetry, essays, etc.) – well written literature that offers philosophical, spiritual, or moral enlightenment


The Library will collect materials on appropriate subjects in book format as well as CDs, DVDs, and audio books (on discs). No VHS or audiocassettes (tapes) accepted.


The Library will collect materials for adults, and also for children and youth in all appropriate subject areas.


The Library of First Christian Church supports the mission statement of the church:

We believe in the love of God for all people.

We gather as a worshipping community of faith to follow Jesus Christ.

We delight together in what God is doing through us to bring:

healing within brokenness;
unity within diversity;
joy within grief;
and power within weakness.

Our mission is to strengthen relationships we have with God, with each other, with our families, and with our world.

We are an Open and Affirming Congregation; people of all sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome in the full life and ministry of our church.