Dear Members & Friends of First Christian Church,

We want to begin by simply saying thank you. In the midst of constant change, a global pandemic, and learning how to “be church” in a variety of ways we might never have expected, you have responded to the invitation to bring your best before God.

Two years ago we were walking the path through the search and call process, seeking our new co-pastor with the support of our Regional Ministers. In the past 12 months we have, with great joy, welcomed Co-Pastor Zane, and begun the necessary and ongoing work of discerning our shared future together. Our commitment to living generously contributes to the long-standing success of our community of faith. The year ahead promises to be full of God’s abundant spirit, while we continue to transform our identity, right here in the Heart of Eugene.

Here are a few ways we have noticed God’s spirit of creative change and abundant hope working in and through First Christian Church:

* New and outstanding volunteers have joined the Helping Hearts Resource Room and bring life and renewed sustainability to the longest standing mission of the church.

* We are celebrating the return of ministry partners and the joy of new partnership in ministry. We support the ministry of AA in our building now seven days a week and have partnered with the medical team at curative in our parking lot to provide free covid tests to our helping hearts visitors.

* We enthusiastically hosted the 21st Annual Interfaith Prayer Service on September 11, 2022, with a return of the Oregon Interfaith Hub and its community to our sanctuary for shared prayer and interfaith collaboration.

*We’ve shared a wonderful summer of learning together – renewed traditions like church potlucks and new opportunities like our summer music series helped us create new relationships and strengthen old ones, learn new skills, and stretch our concept of sacred music.

By the time you receive this letter we will have elected new officers, met for our third discernment session at the World Cafe, and you are no doubt actively talking with God and fellow community members about how God is leading us to utilize the gifts and assets that are in our care. When we acknowledge all this progress, we know you too have hope and joy to see where God leads us in the years ahead.

In the coming weeks, you will hear stories about how we as a congregation are responding to God’s invitation to bring our gifts. Each of us will be challenged to take even bolder steps to invest our whole life into becoming the church God is urging and encouraging us to become. It is a time of great possibility for our congregation and the future of its mission. It is a time of deep faith.

Again, we thank you for your support. Giving in the manner that you do is the result of faith, trust, intentional choices, and a life of discipline. We join you in the hope of creating a culture of generosity that touches every person in our church. Giving is where we find the true meaning and purpose for our lives, a discovery you have already made.

Please plan to be with us for Dedication Sunday on October 9. It is an opportunity to respond to this important invitation with our estimates of giving for next year, and we will join in a church-wide meal after worship to celebrate the abundance of our God.


Text to come!


Our stewardship season emphasizes the support of the general fund. Gifts to the general fund can be made at anytime.

If you would like to talk with someone about a gift of stock, a planned estate gift, a gift to an endowment or dedicated funds, please speak with Treasurer Linda Bright.