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by | Dec 17, 2020

FCC Board Meeting

Consent Agenda Documents

Upcoming FCC Board Meeting

Our next Board meeting will be held via Zoom on Sunday January 17, 2021 @ 1pm.  Please click the button below to Email the Board Secretary, Sandra Cole with consent agenda items.  

Click Here to Join The FCC Board Meeting Via Zoom.

Please note that you’ll need the 6-digit passcode provided in this week’s E-news to join.

Church Governing Documents

Our church governing documents have not been reviewed or updated for many decades. A team of board members has been meeting in conjunction with Regional Co-Minister, Cathy Myers Wirt, to review and rewrite our documents to bring them in line with the current legal standard and to better reflect who we are today. Below, you will find a copy of the current Constitution as well as the Draft of the proposed new Constitution. You will also see a FAQ document that will answer some anticipated questions. The Board will consider the Draft and vote whether to forward it on to the Congregation for consideration for approval at the January Congregational Meeting.

Amy Metzger

President, First Christian Church Eugene

FCC Treasurer

We are currently making recommendations for the operating budget to be flexible, simplified, and will reflect the ways in which our local and global outreach is a part of our operating budget.

Michael Kennedy

Treasurer, First Christian Church Eugene

Contact the FCCE Executive TEam

Use the buttons below to contact the First Christian Church Eugene Executive Team.  A new email will open when you select who you would like to contact.

Upcoming Annual Meeting

Our first annual meeting of the New Year will be held via Zoom on January 31, 2021.  More information will be posted here soon.

Staff Sabbath

January Staff Sabbath

Pastoral Staff and Office Administration will take time in January for Sabbath rest. Please note the following dates staff members will be away: 

Co-Pastor April Oristano January 11 - January 25

Co-Pastor Jerri Handy February 1 - February 15

Emailing Staff on Sabbath

When staff members are away on sabbath, they will create an out of office reply, detailing the dates of their sabbath.
During sabbath time, staff members are not reading emails.
They will respond to emails upon return to the office.
If you have a pastoral care need, please call the church office at 541-344-1425 and request a call from a Pastor or Elder.

Why Sabbath?
A Sabbath is a time to rest. Sabbath is an instruction from God to the people and in all things, God leads the way by living by good example. It is good; and holy, and counter cultural ; and life saving, to find meaningful ways to rest through the day, through the week, in our careers, in our families. This year we have just spent in our homes was one of the busiest years we’ve ever known.

In January the church office staff begins a staggered and shared time of rest. This comes at the end of a difficult year for all of us — and so we encourage you to consider your own practices of rest and work while we are doing the same.

Church office staff are taking turns resting – we aren’t all gone at once — and we have covenanted with one another to allow each person’s work, while they are away, to rest too. We do not expect the co-workers remaining on the job to do twice the work while a teammate is resting. No, in fact, we will honor their rest by leaving that work alone, for a brief time. In the life of the church we have term limits for Elders, Board members, Deacons because we value not only sharing the work but we value the ability to rest, to take time to set aside work and find new work. Your pastors hope you will fully consider the practices of rest and restoration that are helping you survive the pandemic, and we pray that there is a seed of passion resting in you right now, stirring, growing, ready and waiting to be put to use at the right time.

Blessed Be.
Pastor April

Rev. April Oristano

Pastor, First Christian Church Eugene

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