Publication Submissions

How to Submit Information for Publication

Do you have an event you want us to highlight on our website, social media pages, E-news, or Newsletter? Let us know with ample time. Below are the guidelines for submitting material for publication.

WHO should people contact within FCC to publicize events? is the best place to email events for publication on our social media pages, newsletter, e-news, bulletin.

How do people submit items for FCC publications? What are the deadlines?

The monthly newsletter deadline is the 15th of each month. We reserve the right to edit information due to space limitations.  The newsletter is for church and community events.

The weekly e-news deadline is Tuesday of each week. We send it out on Friday mornings with a look at the week ahead.  The e-news is mostly internal communication and if space allows we will do community events.

The social media page posts are created as needed.  Best to keep to the newsletter deadlines so we can have time to create online event registration forms or fb events.

Where can we publicize events/opportunities in the community?

We will be generating a list of who to connect with soon. For now you can take a look at Our Partners Page.

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