Spiritual Formation

by | Mar 11, 2021

The Gospel Of Mark

The Gospel of Mark is the earliest gospel (older than Matthew, Luke, and John), written sometime around 70 AD. Both Matthew and Luke used Mark as the basis for their gospels. The question for us to explore over 7 class periods is: “Why should we read Mark’s gospel at all?” Since both Matthew and Luke take Mark’s gospel and expound on it, shouldn’t those two suffice? Since we only have a short time to explore Mark, we will not be able to cover all of the significant teachings in this short gospel but we will be able to provide some hints to answer the above question.

The general outline of Mark will provide us a path forward for this quick overview of the gospel. The major divisions of this book are as follows:

I. Opening events of Jesus’ public life (1:1-13)
II. Jesus’ preaching, teaching, and healing ministry in Galilee (1:14 – 9:50)
III. Journey to Jerusalem (10:1-52)
IV. The last week in Jerusalem, ending with Jesus’ crucifixion and burial (11:1 – 15:47)
V. Jesus’ resurrection (16:1 – 8)

I look forward to exploring this gospel with you! – Michael Kennedy, facilitator

Prayers For New Beginnings

Come join us for A Time of Prayer
Leave your Zoom room,
come in-person to pray.
Interim Co-Pastor Jerri Handy
will be leading.
When: Tuesdays from 5-6pm
Where: Chapel 
Why: To pray for the church
How: Please bring your own lawn chair & water to drink.
Let us create community through shared time and focus on moving forward as a church. Come join us and bring a friend.

Past Events & Recordings

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