Spiritual Formation

This one day class will introduce you to Spiritual Direction, it’s purpose and practices so that you may avail yourself of a future offering with Michael & Elaine. They have offered to meet with anyone in the congregation who wants to join in a time of listening and discernment process directed by the Spirit, to address the questions, topics, themes that are being discussed in the World Cafés in a small group.

You’ll hear more about this offering at the congregational meeting, and we hope you will join in this one day class to learn more.

A Time For Prayer

Prayer Pod


We hope you have signed up for the FCC Summer 2022 Prayer Pods. If so, you were emailed all this information at your sign up. If you would still like to sign up for a prayer pod, please use the button below.

We trust you have had success in getting a copy of John Shelby Spong’s book, Unbelievable; it is available in a wide variety of formats. If you’re having any difficulty in getting a copy, please contact Mary Robertson at maryr@heartofeugene.org

Make plans now to reach out to the folks in your prayer pod. You were directly emailed your group assignements with contact information. Send a quick email or phone call to say hello and start to plan your first meeting.

Attached below is a set of introductory materials aimed to help get your first meeting scheduled and facilitated. Be sure to reach out to your small group this week!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Mary Robertson at the above listed email. Thank you!

If you have prayer pod members who are tech free, printed copies of all instructions are available.

May God’s Spirit bring your small group strength and joy this summer.

With Blessings,

FCC Spiritual Formation Team

World Cafe

Looking for one of the documents shared about the property?

September World Cafe Recording

Do you have ideas for Spiritual Formation events, books, etc.? Email Spiritual Formation Chair, Karen Duncan by clicking HERE.