Update August 27, 2022

The Executive Ministry Team met on August 24 and reviewed our current Covid-19 protocols and procedures.

While acknowledging that the pandemic is not over, they have agreed to adapt our current protocols for the time being, knowing that if circumstances changes we may need to make further adaptations.
Sunday worship offerings continue in person or online at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings.

We continue to track COVID-19 in our area by using covidactnow.org.

We are relaxing our mask requirement policy for participating in worship.

Masks are still recommended and will be offered at the door to anyone wishing to wear one, but while Lane County remains in the “green” or “low” risk category for covid transmission, our building and worship center will not require masks to be worn to participate.

If Lane County returns to the “Orange” or “High” Risk of Transmission, we will return to a mask requirement.

We may continue to see fluctuations between levels of risk, and therefore our mask recommendations or mask requirements will shift accordingly. Thank you for your continued respect of these policies and your care for the community.

If you are not feeling well, or have been recently exposed to someone who did test positive for COVID-19 or have a surgery upcoming and need to avoid crowds, we appreciate that you will remain home to participate in our online activities and watch worship on YouTube.

We are relaxing our vaccine requirement for participating in worship.

The Executive Ministry Team felt comfortable relaxing this protocol because we have learned that the vast majority of our congregation has already been vaccinated. They encourage everyone to be sure to get their booster and hope the church may be able to host vaccine education classes or peer counseling and perhaps even a vaccine clinic to help boost the number of protected persons in our community.